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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hot damn. I'm so out of shape it's pathetic!

Man oh man, this is just fucking sad. I feel like I'm 95 years old and weigh 2000 pounds. How in the fuck can a person get so out of shape in six months?

Get that camera out of my fucking face! Don't look at me! I'm ugly!

I don't know how many of ya'll out there in Zombie-land have heard of Turf toe (not camel toe), but it's a 100 percent cuntfunnel. It hurts like hell, and keeps you from bending your big toe, or having any kind of range of motion in it. You can't really run. You can't cut. You can't plant. You can't jump. You can't do much of anything as far as playing sports is concerned.

And I love to play sports.

It sucks.

Anyway, I hurt my foot during the fall, and finally it feels good enough to start doing shit again. I played a little basketball tonight with some guys just to get a feel for where I'm at, and I was so out of gas it was terrible. I felt like I was gonna kill over. If I knew for sure I would come back as one of those fast sumbitchin' running zombies, then I would be ok with the killing over bit, because then I could chase everyone down and never tire.

On second thought, I guess it would suck when my parts started to rot and fall off.

Anyway, my conditioning is piss poor.

Grade F!

This cannot stand.

It will not continue.

It's time to start working out again.

Or as "The King" would say, "Take care of business."

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