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Mercy is for the weak!
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This is the best game in history!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Road Trip

This is a brief photo montage of the little drive I took a day or two ago. Why should you care? You shouldn't? Go away now.

Ah. You're still here. Then look on in wonder you stupid worm infested snot, and behold the glory of...


First, I had to rise from my grave.

Ok. I don't live in a grave. I really live in this spiffy apartment. You'll note the two air conditioner units out front. I have them so I'll stay nice and fresh. Remember, just because a person is dead, doesn't mean they have to go around with that "less than fresh feeling."

I left my palatial estate and wandered the neighborhood looking for someone to eat, but all I found was another Zombie. He said there wasn't anyone about and he invited me over to dig through the trash dumpster with him, but I decided that wasn't what I wanted to do with my free time.

So I got in my hearse and decided to take a drive. And wouldn't you fucking know it, the sun was in my eyes. I hate that. Go away sunlight, no one likes you or needs you. You suck.

Then I got behind this big damn utility vehicle. This pissed me off and I passed it as soon as possible.

Yes! Smooth sailing and open roads! What more could a Zombie want?

Finally I made into the city. I stopped at a light and saw this man in a wheelchair with a little flag and a dog. I thought, "That's cool. He's disabled but he still gets around. Neat."

I watched him as the light changed and he started to cross the road. I wasn't really paying much attention.

Unfortunately for him, he wasn't either and he was ran over by a big truck. Maybe he's ok.

Anyway, I continued on and finally made it to my destination. I don't remember much after that.

The End.

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