Learn all about the flyboy. Or not.
But not as sexy as me! HoooooWAHHHHH!!!
Don't say I didn't warn you sucker!
Mercy is for the weak!
It's smart Jerry! It's smart! And I'm not dumbing it down for you!
This is the best game in history!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Are you having a good day? Do you want to end those happy calm feelings?

Then you've came to the right place.

There is a game I came across when I went to Cananopie's website of torture and doom.

A horrible, horrible, hellish thing really.

It's a game called Indiana Jones And The Game So Gay You Will Want To Kill Yourself If You Play It!

Be warned, this is not a cool link like the last one I gave you all to check out.

This one is B. A. D.

But I still played it and beat it.

Because I'm a stubborn fuck with no quitting sense at all.

So go on and play this lame turd of a game, and if you make it all the way to the treasure and escape at least you will get a spiffy little ending sequence. It's the only part of this thing that doesn't suck.

Now excuse me while I go and rid this horrible experience from my memory.

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