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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Muggen Speaks! Straight from the horse's mouth, the mystery picture is explained.

"Hey there over the ocean. Let me help you in my bad english. Thanks for appreciating the picture. To understand it completely you have to known that the picture I've made comes from Belgium. People speaks dutch in one part of my country and French in the other part. The flemish people speaks dutch but there is a little difference between the official dutch (Holland).

The original work is Broodthaers' musselpot. In my fantasy I let two politicians (Dewever and Daems) 'remake' the original work.Dewever, a wellknown nationalist (he is a rabiate Flemish and don't like the French speaking part) changes the mussels in to a cock. This beast is the official symbol of Walloniƫ, the French-speaking part of Belgium. So, in fact he's saying by his work 'you french-part ', you can in the pot symbolising he doesn't like them at all.

Rik Daems is a liberal and he calls himself an artist, a painter but nobody in the world likes his work. Recently he bought a article of dress from Brigitta a well known flemish babe. Because his own work sucks , with the article of dress hiw paintings become MAYBE some 'value'. Brigitta in the pot means that he likes the girl very much because he's bringing her to the boil. A mussel is also a synonym for a female pussy (in our language)... but to understand it completely it would be easy you were Belgians.Greetings from Belgium, succes with your blog."

Thank you for that Muggen. I think I speak for all of us when I say, that it is incredibly cool that you came here and tried to help us understand the artwork. It is appreciated, and you are welcome back anytime.

All the best to you and yours,
-Zombie Flyboy

P.S. Once again, THANK YOU!

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