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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Which came first the chicken or the naked chick? The Saga Continues.

Hey out there in Zombie-land, I know you're all simply fascinated by the cock/pussy photo posted below, and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my cold Zombie heart for your time and investigations on this matter.

I think we've uncovered about all there is to uncover in this matter, but a funny by-product of my own curiosity has been confusion and amusement by the Belgium person who owns the blog with the strange picture. He/She's trying to figure me out, I'm trying to figure the picture out, and the result has been one big crazy fucking dance of monkey shit insanity.

All in all, it's awesomeness I think.

Here are two entries he/she has made concerning my blog and our investigation.

Entry 1: This was probably in response to my asking what the picture meant on his/her blog.

help him!

You keep it not for possible. I leave "Bart Dewever" and "Rik Daems" treat a known work of Broodthaers and the final result begeestert one or other American concerning the ocean who is visitors call him to help to understand what means my collage. He who sense have to do once freaky, him can help on gone by means of comments on its bizarre web-unwieldly in my place.

posted by [ muggenbeet ] @ 9.20 AM

Entry 2: Apparently he's been keeping up with our investigations and is as confused and amused as we are.

They are busy.

The American blog which my drawing of the cock and Callens in the mussel pot has taken over (to see below) have already a lot responses of other Americans who try on the question answer what which drawing could mean in godsnaam. Funnily to read it. They have been with translators busy but do not come. Some have , however, come already behind that Dewever and Daems politicians are. That is already a lot. But that of that cock and which naked woman does not understand... that them. And Flemish, is that now an own language? Or is it a dialect of Dutch? Who will help does she once?

posted by [ muggenbeet ] @ 10.28 PM

I think it's all pretty funny, and the language translation software out there is just fucking brutal. To me, his/her blog is about collecting interesting and funny pictures. Ya'll should go check it out. I like the one with the pig, and with Hayacinth Bucket, or whatever that English chick's name is.

She's a funny old bat.

So rock on all you shiny diamonds, cause I'm out of here!

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