Learn all about the flyboy. Or not.
But not as sexy as me! HoooooWAHHHHH!!!
Don't say I didn't warn you sucker!
Mercy is for the weak!
It's smart Jerry! It's smart! And I'm not dumbing it down for you!
This is the best game in history!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I found my new vacation spot.

Check out the greatest place on earth!

It's called Whore Island and you can read about it at the way better Immoderation website. These girls rock like no others and put the P in Par-Tay!

Ok. I have no idea what I'm saying anymore. Just trust me. Whore Island is great. That's all you fucking need to know!

The first thing I plan to do when I get there is to give Silver the rimjob of a lifetime while I fist her with a can of Natty Light.

See you there!

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