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Monday, May 02, 2005

Sharper Than A No. 2 Pencil with Shark Teeth

So gang, first off and straight up, did any of ya'll watch this shit last night?

It was a movie of the week or something, and it looked pretty damn tight.

It's called:

"Rosie The Retard Sucks Cocks In Hell"

Starring Rosie "The Retard" O'Donnell.

Ok. That's not what it was called. I'm just being my mean-ass, unfit for the public, zombie self. I apologize sincerely for my crude actions and vulgar nature. The movie is actually called, "I hit my big fat pig of a sister in the crotch with a 72' Newport, there was a loud thwap sound, and then the car disappeared."

The movie also stars some dude named Andie Macdowell. I've never heard of him, so I googled up a picture and this is what he looks like.

I don't know what his deal is, but he looks a little on the girly side to me. But hey, I'm not judging. Whatever works for you Andie. Whatever works man.

So did any of you out there in Butt-Logg land watch this movie? If you did, how was it? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you shit in your pants and feed it to your deaf fat albino neighbor's monstrosity of a ratlike creature that is supposed to be a fucking dog?

What did you think of the movie?

Do you think it will do for Rosie's career what those delightful "Bill" movies did for the even more delightful Mickey Rooney back in the early 80's?

Man, do I love the "Bill" movies!

Good times.

Ha! Ha! Who am I kidding? None of you motherfuckers watched that shit, or will fess up to watching it anyway. I'll just have to always wonder if this movie was so bad it was good, or just so bad that it was worse than a shit blister.

Hell, I might have watched it, but I can't remember. All the time travelling I do on the weekends, leaves me with a lot of gaps in the memory, kind of like the guy fron that old Science Fiction show, "Condom Leap".

Dr. Sam Becket I think his name was.

Anyway, no one ever said time travel was for the faint of heart. You roll the dice and you take your chances.

Hot damn!

Yo Mama!

And a bag of chips.

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