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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To all the readers. Yep, all four of you.

You all know I'm a big asshole. Way more than even Tom Cruise, The Ahyatola Khomeini, and Paris Hilton combined.

But that's not the reason I haven't been keeping up with all of your great butt logs. The reason is that I have had extremely little time to play on the net lately. I'm hoping to catch up on you all soon, so hopefully I can fill your butt logs with lamer comments like, "Kick ass!", "Awesome!", and of course my trademark, "Later!".

So I'll see you all when I can, hopefully soon. But for the moment, it's hard enough just to find the time to post. I just wanted you all to know I hadn't forgotten you, and that I appreciate anyone who comes and visits me here.

Kick Ass!



-Zombie Flyboy

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