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But not as sexy as me! HoooooWAHHHHH!!!
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Mercy is for the weak!
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This is the best game in history!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One time I looked up at some birds and the birds shit on me and that's why I now hate birds.

Hi there.

This entry kind of sucks. It really does. It's just for the bean counters and number crunching nerds who are not cool and sexy like the champion nerds from the bitchin' movie "Revenge Of The Nerds", but just plain old schmuck nerds.

Like the kind with no super powers who just wear glasses and plot the course of planets and alien spaceships in their spare time.

Just because.

Anyway, straight from the home office in Bumfuck Nowhere, here is a list of the top keywords used to find my site.

9.09% street fight whores
9.09% girl fight blood
9.09% rooster fight tattoo
9.09% dicktease
9.09% zombie pie fight
4.55% all things zombie
4.55% zombie fucking
4.55% cock fight
4.55% the great race pie fight
4.55% all things zombie
4.55% fight girl picture
4.55% cat fight whores
4.55% sexy ladies being laid
4.55% girl fight
4.55% new woman fight
4.55% cheerleaders pie fight
4.55% world fest sores halloween songs

Well, it seems the people have spoken. Expect a big dose of street fight whores, girl fight blood, and of course, major dickteasing in the near future! I had planned on doing some more features on world fest sores halloween songs, but now I guess I won't.

Because if it's one thing I've learned in all my years in the business, it's this:

Know your audience.

Later on Pissflaps!

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