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Monday, October 03, 2005

We all go a little mad sometimes...

Hi everyone.

It's been a while since I've posted. Sorry about that. I just hadn't been feeling up to writing anything. Things were going on, that had me a little down, and a whole lot of stressed out. I'm happy to report that things are much better now, and I'm feeling like my old crazy self.

So that's why I haven't been writing.

I've never been good for sharing things, opening up to others, or exposing my weaknesses and failings. It's pretty difficult to admit to myself that I have them, that there are some things I just can't fix no matter how hard I try or want to.

I know maybe I'm not the most healthy person from an emotional standpoint. I keep things inside and tell myself that I'm tough enough to make it through. That's probably not the best way to deal, but it's just who I am.

I don't know how to change that.

Anyway, after the last couple to three weeks really, I was completely spent, tired in every way a person can possibly get tired. I needed a break from everything, and I took it. Friday evening I unplugged the phones, closed the blinds, locked the doors, and made plans for a weekend of nothing.


No stress. No worries. No visitors. No bitchy girlfriends. No anything.

It was pretty peaceful for a couple of hours, and then I started to think about this cool idea I had for re-doing my buttlog. I had planned on giving it a facelift for quite some time, but never could quite decide what I wanted to do until recently. It's not that I disliked the way it used to look. I just wanted it to be more of my sensibilities, more functional, and open for expansion and new possibilities down the road.

The plan was to make it look like one of the old "Tales From The Crypt Comic Books". I spent a few hours on the graphics, layout, and color schemes in Photoshop, finally coming up with what you see here, but then had to get to the not as fun as it sounds task of sorting through the blogger tags and the style sheet.

I got on a roll and the hours passed by like pages in a flip book. Friday became Saturday, and still I continued on, not wanting to break momentum, and also because I completely zone out and obsess when I'm deep into a project. Sometime late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, things started to get a little wonky. I was having trouble spelling words. I always have trouble spelling, getting letters out of sequence and that sort of thing, but this was ridiculous. I had to look up simple words to make sure they were right.

And then I saw the spider.

It was sitting there on my fan, big, nasty, and full of spider filth. I reached up to punch it, and as soon as I did, I realized that it wasn't a spider at all. It was just an ordinary screw that holds the grill type cover thing on. I still had some links to add, but decided that enough progress had been made, and that I probably should go to bed.

So I did.

And I slept like a baby. (Minus the lack of bowel and bladder control of course!)

Peaceful dreams.

Total Relaxation.

Black Gold.

Texas Tea.

I woke up feeling good, and I'm happy with how my marathon session in buttlog design turned out. I like it. I don't know if anyone else will, but so be it.

At least you all will cease to wonder if this buttlog was designed by a madman.

Now you know that it most certainly was.

A spider seeing, non-spelling madman, who occasionaly has been known to wear a sexy white captain's hat.

But a madman who is feeling much better about things.

So that's where I'm at.

Catch y'all later.

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