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Monday, March 20, 2006

This town needs an enema...

So hey, I don't have a lot to say today, but I was thinking about something I do and wondering if it was really fucked up weird. Ok, since it's me we're talking about, I guess the answer is YES!

Here's the thing. I kind of like things perfect, or as perfect as I can make them, and when I fix something to eat, it just seems wrong to put hot food on a cold plate, so what I do is warm up the plates and bowls in the microwave just before it's time to use them.

Warm plates/bowls + Warm food = A happier dining experience for Zombie.

I don't know anyone who does this besides me. Am I really that deranged, fucked up, and brain buggered, or do you think this is kind of clever?

Do any of you monkeys do such a thing as this?

Or do any of you just have some weird type thing you do in general when you eat such as vomiting on your food ala BrundleFly, or leave things in the fridge until they're green but still eat them anyway because it's 4 am and mistress natty lite has made you very, very, hungry?

Let me know ok.

Or fucking don't.

The choice is yours.

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