Learn all about the flyboy. Or not.
But not as sexy as me! HoooooWAHHHHH!!!
Don't say I didn't warn you sucker!
Mercy is for the weak!
It's smart Jerry! It's smart! And I'm not dumbing it down for you!
This is the best game in history!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Uh oh Spaghetti-O!

It's time for another WEIRD QUESTION!

You are offered $1 million dollars. Here is the deal, you can only consume food that has been pre-chewed for you into an oozey paste-like fluid.

What will happen, is that everytime you get hungry, you'll have to let the food chewer know. He/she will go get what you want to eat and chew it all up for you and then spit the saliva paste mixture into your mouth like a momma bird feeding its baby. This will go on for the rest of your life.

So, do you take the money and live the liquid diet lifestyle?

Yes or No?

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